"Reddin puts managers in a position to
raise their effectiveness and that of their team
or organisation by an all important extent."

Reddin School of Management

Since 1972, countless managers, from many countries, at all levels of experience, and an endless variety of professions have founded successful careers upon participation in this results-oriented training process: 
the ‘3-Dimensional Managerial Effectiveness Seminar'.
Many sector-leading enterprises and individuals alike have come to regard the Reddin seminar an integral part of their Management Development and education strategy. By drawing from multiple organisations, the ‘open’ subscription format 3-D ME Seminar affirms leadership skills regardless of specific fields of endeavour. The 3-D MES is an intense, informative learning experience, highly valued by participants for its masterly focus on self awareness and professional achievement.
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Result Oriented Management

The Reddin Result Oriented Management method intends that managers optimise results in achieving the contribution for which they are accountable. The base premiss is that managers work with greater enthusiasm and satisfaction when expectations are clear, agreed by consultation and when feedback is obtained on their performance. Involvement in projecting clear, measurable expectations empowers the manager to determine methods to achieve the required results using resources available within their responsibility.
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Output Oriented Organisation

Reddin defines managerial effectiveness as the extent to which a manager achieves the output requirement of a position. By extension, organisational effectiveness is defined as the extent to which an organisation achieves the output requirement of its mission. Rather than depend on theoretical or academic approaches, Reddin proposes a practical systemic guide centred on ‘effectiveness’ – that is: positional output definitions cascaded directly from the organisation mission, and thus directly contributive to the actualisation of that mission.
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Management Development

By simplest definition, a manager leads people and utilises resources to achieve results required in a position. Each organisation establishes relationship and technical competences required to achieve its strategic goals . Management development is thus aimed at ensuring strategy realisation by maximising leadership and technological skills related to positions within the organisational structure.
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Organisational Development

Organisational development is focused on the effective skills of all managers accountable for producing results within the strategic system. Large institutions and small to medium size enterprises develop value through consistent profitability by implementing the Reddin method as the managerial technology most focused on effective achievement of results. Reddin consultants support stakeholder interests by training managers and building teams within organisations to project sustainable growth with intrinsic value. Reddin consultations are thus applicable from the boardroom to the shop floor, from strategy formulation to execution, from Greenfield start-up to exit.
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Organisational Change

Technological advance and fluctuant operating environments place heavy demands on the leadership of every organisation to anticipate and execute on responsibilities to sustainably achieve outputs as required by strategic goals. Quintessential attention to the human potential in organisations is often insufficiently reflected in training and development programmes. Renewal of technologies, systems and finances whether in production or service may assist organisations to survive; however, the gap between ‘surviving’ and ‘thriving’ can only be filled by intrinsically motivated teams led towards organisational values and goals. Organisations can be successful only to the extent that they balance focus upon both technical structure AND leadership culture in their development process.
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International Management Seminar (3-D MES)
06-11 july 2021 Miami
03 - 15 October 2021 Miami

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Reddin’s 3D Leadership Model

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Reddin’s 3D Management Method

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