"Too many managers want to be clever rather than effective."

Bill Reddin


Result Oriented Management

The "Reddin Result Orientated Management System" aims to achieve maximum results based on clear and measurable agreements made earlier. Result Orientated Management is a management method, based on the idea that people will work with more enthusiasm and fun, if:

  • People clearly know what is expected of them.
  • People are involved in establishing such expectations.
  • People are allowed themselves to determine how they are going to meet these expectations.
  • People obtain feedback about their performance.

In Result Orientated Management, the manager sets goals and determines priorities and makes available resource that are needed: time, money and capacity. The employee offers his time, knowledge and talents and sets out the conditions against which he or she can deliver the required result. In doing so, he or she takes personal responsibility for achieving those results.

Result Orientated Management is a management system that works with so called Result Orientated Agreements. Parties have equal expectations about their targets and may discuss with one another the results. Agreements must always be "SMARTER": Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Testing, Exciting and Recordable. Within the boundaries of the agreements that are being made, employees are at liberty to determine how they want to achieve their targets.

Result Orientated Management helps to translate corporate goals into Strategic Business Unit goals and individual goals. The process of Result Orientated Management is preferably top down as well as bottom up and consist of the following steps:

  • To set the target. Long-term corporate goals;
  • To translate corporate goals into Strategic Business Unit goals and individual goals;
  • To define Result Orientated Agreements about goals;
  • To implement self steering and management reporting;
  • To periodically make appraisals, monitor progress and make adjustments;
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