"Talking is not teaching and listening is not learning".

Nathaniel Cantor


Any Managers clear responsibility

Too many managers measure their responsibilities by functions that are actually inputs rather than outputs. Outputs are the only true measure of effective management..

Managers alone are responsible for wealth creation within boundaries set by the government. Resources are wasted and the country is poorer if managers are not effective. Society must benefit if managers are effective.

My bias is clear. There is a need for the application of intellect and rationality in the design of organizations in the managerial world. If we agree to do this, most of our human −and other− problems will solve themselves. There will be fewer heart attacks, fewer ulcers, fewer people kicked upstairs, downstairs, or simply ignored, and unplanned early retirement would disappear.

Let us become clear about the outputs of positions and let us motivate and train people to work to achieve them. How about deciding to be effective in your present position? It is a responsibility you assumed when you became a manager. How about fulfilling that responsibility? ………………….

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Forget status and work as a team

This advice to British manage¬ment comes from Professor Bill Reddin-one of MBO’s key think¬ers. Don’t get nervous if you almost never see your boss. According to Professor Bill Reddin, this probably means he is doing his job.

As he puts it, ‘A manager’s true worth to his company may be measured by the amount of time he could lay unconscious in his office without anyone noticing. The longer the time, the more likely it is that he is in a habit of making long-run policy decisions rather than short-term administrative decisions. And these are the key decisions on a company.’ ………………….

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