Reddin International

 Reddin Internationalis a group of international organisational consultants, advisors and trainers that are active in 12 plus countries. Reddin Associates was founded by Prof. Dr. William James (Bill) Reddin, a British born social scientist who developed a theory on managerial and organisational effectiveness, the 3 Dimensional Managerial Effectiveness Theory.

Bill Reddin and his team have tested the model scientifically for more than 15 years until certainty was found that the theory describes realistically all the phenomena associated with effectiveness.
This conclusion in turn led to the development of a methodological application known as the Reddin Method to consistently improve managerial and organisational effectiveness.

The Reddin Method has been successfully adopted by a great number of leading enterprises throughout the world. The Method considers Effectiveness to be the central value in business and enables businesses to:

Enhance their capability to achieve output through an enhanced awareness that makes organisations and their members more aware of the impact arising from initiative and action.

Build a management commitment that creates value added by defining an output generating process.
Based on the Reddin Method organisations manage to assimilate and develop a new organisational system based on an effectiveness that ensures result achievement at every key managerial position.




  1. Canada / USA                                    
  2. United Kingdom / Ireland                   
  3. Netherlands / Belgium                       
  4. Spain / Mexico / Colombia / Guatemala
  5. Finland                                              
  6. Near East / Far East                           
  7. Sweden                                             
  8. Africa                                                




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