Mission Statement

The “Reddin Organisation for Managerial Development", Reddin OMD, is the UK branch of the world-wide W.J. Reddin & Associates organisation, WRA.

WRA are the custodians of the management theories and management output & effectiveness methods as developed by the late management guru Dr. W. J. (Bill) Reddin, British national, author of multiple publications and management books and past Dean of the University of New Brunswick (Canada).

From his extensive research Bill Reddin learned that it is more effective to equip managers to learn to use what they already know rather than to attempt to transfer ever more new theories and knowledge on to them.

Today across the globe Reddin organisations specialize in the promotion of Reddin Managerial and Organisational Effectiveness Methods.

In UK Reddin OMD are helping organisations to improve their Managerial and Organisational Effectiveness.

For over years Reddin methods have guided small, medium and large organisations to successfully initiate and implement output orientated organisational development programmes.

Reddin organisations are highly committed always and will engage in highly participative training techniques.

Reddin organisations believe;

  • That the central issue in Management is output orientated Managerial Effectiveness.
  • In the development of unambiguous Indicators of Effectiveness.
  • That, whilst Organisational Design is important, commitment to the design is of equal importance.
  • That it is more effective to equip people to learn to use what they already know rather than to attempt to teach them more.
  • That participative management methods will help organisations reach better quality decisions.
  • That team commitment will support the implementation of change.
  • In unfreezing as a prerequisite to change.
  • In sourcing from a range of meeting formats.
  • In an organised approach to change.
  • That managers, when asked will know what direction their organisation should go.
  • That expert advice, ´looking outside in´ will help organisations rapidly reach their full potential
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