3-D Team Effectiveness Seminar (3D TES)

Participant Profile

Management Teams, Business Unit Teams and other Organisational Teams will be greatly helped by attending the 3-Dimensional Team Effectiveness Seminars as a logic step towards a more effective organisation. Team Effectiveness requires teamwork. Team effort must realise set objectives through a process of mutual trust, support and the use of complementary qualities. From the seminar Teams at all levels will gain in self-confidence, will learn about and how to best use their strengths, their combined potential and competencies.

Course Objectives

3D Team Effectiveness I and II (3D TE I and 3D TE II) offer a consistent, tried and proven learning structure.

3D TE recognises two phases:

Phase I (3D TE I):

The objective is to establish the effectiveness areas of the team and the individual team members, relative to the organisation. Through coaching teams will reach consensus about their required outputs.

  • Team members individually will act in accordance with and in the spirit of set objectives,
  • Internal competition and duplication will be identified and suppressed by the Reddin consultant,
  • Important new insights in topics of strategy, marketing and team opportunities will be gained by the teams.

Phase II (3D TE II):

  • Starting from the team agreements reached in Phase I and from the results achieved in the workplace the power of cooperation will be evaluated. The team analyses the degree of task orientation, relationships orientation and the effectiveness of individual team members.
  • Other elements of cooperation are being addressed. How does the team reach decisions? How does the team value their means and habits? How effective does the team conduct their meetings? Is the current team structure an adequate one? The various styles of cooperation within the team will be reviewed against the 3D Reddin Management Theory. Is the team operating as flexible as its members?
  • An improvement plan is to be developed. The team will be asked to decide what change is needed.

Seminar structure & learing methods

Both the 3D TE I and 3D TE II require two consecutive days of training. Naturally 3D TE trainings are being delivered by means of closed trainings that are wholly dedicated to one specific team.

Preliminary Interview
Prior to the seminar the Reddin consultant conducts a preparatory meeting with the team.

Pre-course Work
Team members individually will be asked to prepare a number of assignments ahead of the course. This may require between 6 and 10 hours of pre-course work.

Action Learning
Action Learning is generic on the seminar.


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