‘3D Team Effectiveness’ (3D TE)

Team Effectiveness

A successful team puts all of its efforts in realising the set objectives. Nowadays, effectiveness is almost impossible without teamwork. A successful team is a team with self-confidence; its members know their strengths and use all of their competencies to realise their objectives. The team members of a successful team trust one another, use one another, support one another, and complement one another. A successful team achieves much more as what a collection of individuals would achieve. The 3D Team Effectiveness Seminar (3D TES) is a logical step towards a more effective organisation. It is an in-company seminar, attended by a management team, a business unit team, or some other team of the organisation. The 3D TE builds on what the team members learned in the management training ‘3D Effective Management’ (3D EM), and allows participants to apply knowledge, skills, and experience in their everyday work situation. The 3D TE brings coherence in the output of divisions, business units, departments, teams, and managers, and promotes the cooperative power within the organisation.

Basic Concepts

Reddin’s approach includes:

  • Team Management - a unique form of cooperation, getting the best out of people.
  • Output Management - defining the results to be achieved rather than the actions to be taken. Situational Management - when a person consciously uses the correct management style in a specific situation.
  • Reddin is the only consultant in the Netherlands integrating all three concepts in its training and consultancy activities, providing the necessary synergy. In addition to task orientation and relationships orientation, the essential third step is the concept of effectiveness.

Team Training Structure

Both the 3D TE I and the 3D TE II will require two consecutive days of training. Prior to a management team training, the team has a preliminary meeting with the consultant delivering the 3D TE. Afterwards team members individually prepare by carrying out a number of assignments. Such preliminary work will take them about 6 to 10 hours to complete. During the management team training, the specifics are to be decided upon by the team, be it within the context of the management team training structure.

The 3D TE

Typically 3D TE is being applied in two phases.
The first phase is called 3D TE I and deals with establishing the effectiveness areas of the team and the individual team members relative to the rest of the organisation. When coaching, the team will reach a consensus about their required output. Though difficult at times it also offers huge benefits:

  • Team members will act in accordance with, and in the spirit of, set objectives
  • Internal competition and time wasting by duplication will be suppressed by the consultant.
  • Important new insights in the output principles are to be gained e.g. on the topics of strategy, market position, and team opportunities.

The second phase is called 3D TE II and starts with a review of the agreements that result from the
3D TE I phase and the results they have achieved in the workplace. Next the power of cooperation of the team is being evaluated. The team analyses the degree of task orientation, relationships orientation, and effectiveness of team members, and will be asked to develop a plan for improvement. Other elements of cooperation are being evaluated: How the team reaches decisions, whether the team looks critically at the habits that have developed in the way meetings are being held, and whether the present team structure is adequate still. Within a team one will find different styles of cooperation. These will be evaluated against the 3D management theory. From that session, it will become clear whether the team is able to operate as flexibly as the individual team members are. Team members will decide whether changes are required.

Participants about 3D TES

  • “Reddin familiarises itself well before the management team training, and the preliminary phase is carefully managed.”
  • “The measurability of the result of the training is an objective in itself; Reddin is committed to that.”
  • “Theory and practice are alternated well during the management team training in a structured way, and are very useful in the everyday work situation.”
  • “The trainers show great empathy, and know what they’re talking about.”

The Objectives of the 3D TES

After a 3D Team Effectiveness Seminar, a team has:

(3D TE I)

  • Coherence in effectiveness areas
  • Clear objectives, to which the team members have committed themselves A clear definition of responsibilities and authorities.
  • Valuable agreements to promote an output-oriented cooperation

(3D TE II)

  • More openness, sincerity, and respect within the team Awareness of team obstructive forces
  • Agreements that promote team building More cooperative power
  • Agreements per team member based on individual feedback


The Reddin Method

The Reddin method is all about success, effectiveness, and being decisive. Achieving success is achieving excellent results. The Reddin method is also about people: managers and employees.


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