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3-D Managerial Effectiveness Seminar (3-D MES)

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Open Trainings 2018

Johannesburg  15 April - 20 April          Amsterdam    02 September - 07 September   
Berlin              27 April- 01 May            London          09 September - 14 September

Amsterdam      03 June - 08 June         Johannesburg  14 October - 19 October 
London            10 June - 15 June         Berlin             18 November - 23 November
Miami              01 July - 06 July           Miami             25 November - 30 November



Participant Profile

Management is a requisite professional competence, irrespective of technical acumen.
A manager achieves objectives through directing tasks and influencing human behaviour; managers at all levels and in all fields will thus benefit from participating in the seminar.

Course Objectives

The 3-Dinmensional Effective Management seminar (3-D MES) offers a consistent, time-tested structure for the development of managerial skills.

The 3-D MES progresses through four phases:

Phase 1: Preliminary work

  • The output of this phase is individual acquisition of the 3-D Leadership Model and 3-D Management concepts;

Phase 2: Cognitive Tasks

  • The output of this team-study phase is deepened appreciation of the 3-D method;

Phase 3: Cases

  • The output of this phase is consolidation – use of the 3-D method;

Phase 4: Personal Application

  • The output of this consultative phase is increased managerial effectiveness of the participant in his or her particular work / ‘back-home’ situation.

Seminar Content

3-D MES participants acquire:

Skills in:

  • Situational Analysis
  • Own and Others’ Behaviour Analysis
  • Hidden Demand and Expectation Acknowledgement
  • Stiuation-specific Most Effective Behaviour Demonstration
  • Effective In-Team Function
  • Team Effectiveness Increase
  • Position Output Assessment
  • Position Measurability Procedures
  • Output Against Resource and Authority Evaluation

Awareness of:

  • Own managerial styles
  • Own style flexibility
  • Managerial styles of Others
  • Team Behaviour
  • Effectiveness of Own and Others’ Behaviour
  • In-Team Effectiveness Processes
  • Own Position Output in Relation to Team or Organisation Output

Preliminary Interview:

Preparatory interviews are conducted with individual participants some six weeks before seminar date.

Pre-seminar Work

Pre-work consists of 15 mandatory assignments/tasks to be completed before seminar commencement.

Action Learning:

Action learning is generic on the seminar.
Through experiential process, participants work in teams to acquire 3-D skills through 1. 3-D tests, 2. Cases studies, 3. Application of 3-D concepts to their personal situations back at work.

Team Responsibility:

Except for plenary briefings and task debriefs, seminar teams are expected to operate under maximum self-responsibility.


Candid feedback is provided to each participant by consultative teams in the structured, well-informed seminar context.




Places Discount Rate
1 0 % £ 2,950
3 5 % £ 2,800
5 10 % £ 2,655
7 15 % £ 2,500



‘3-D Managerial Effectiveness Seminar (3-D MES)

Open subscription trainings 2018:
Johannesburg  15 April - 20 April
Berlin              27 April- 01 May
Amsterdam      03 June - 08 June
London            10 June - 15 June
Miami              01 July - 06 July
Amsterdam      02 September - 07 September
London            09 September - 14 September
Johannesburg  14 October - 19 October
Berlin              18 November - 23 November
Miami              25 November - 30 November


This Course can be provided in-house, which is a cost-effective approach if you have a number of people who require training. You choose where and when you want our trainers to deliver. We also tailor the course content to suit your precise organisational needs.

To speak to an advisor about your particular requirements call our Dutch office: +31 341 55 11 17


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