"If the degree of attainment of an objective is not measurable,

eliminate the objective because no one will know anyway. "

"Bill Reddin

3-D Management Method

The Reddin Method is based on Reddin’s 3D Leadership Model.
The model has proven to provide an excellent instrument to improve managerial effectiveness and strongly emphasises the definition of powers and responsibilities in terms of outputs.
Output orientation requires the transformation of a formulated strategy into operational, realistic and challenging measurable objectives.
Top-down priority setting and bottom-up participation must produce a motivational & unambiguous contract between executives and managers, managers and employees.

Within the resulting framework:

  • Decisions can be made freely,
  • Motivation growths, and
  • Better results will be achieved in all areas.

Implementation of the Reddin method will enhance self-confidence in the management of the tasks and brings structure in “areas I have amateured” as participants have put it.


The Reddin method provides a management system that is both a principle and an objective.
When embracing the Reddin method the manager will focus on situational management, teamwork and output.
The result is a remarkable improvement in the output of people and their organisation. ‘Management Development and Organisational Development’ means to equip managers and staff to transform their organisation into a successful system, in which output management is seen a continuous business process”.

People development

People will seek for personal growth.
Effectiveness will have to be high to realise ones true potential, thus the Reddin Model for Manager Effectiveness.
Organisational success will result from the personal and team effectiveness of its management and staff.

Situational management

People differ and situations change. How does one manage for success?
The Reddin Method offers one the opportunity to control one’s own behaviour and influence that of others in a positive way.
Once understood one is in control of change as opposed to change controlling you.

Output management

With Reddin's output-orientated method one will learn how to focus resource on essentials, a style that will stimulate one’s staff to innovate for immediate enhanced result.

Team management

It takes teamwork and the ability of teams to react effectively on their operating environment for organisations to be successful.
The Reddin Method will build a unique team style that unfolds the team potential for tremendous synergetic effects.


Benefits that arise from the implementation of the Reddin Method in measurable outputs are:

  • A faster change in key business outputs;
  • An increase in organisational flexibility;
  • A quicker response to meet business environment challenge;
  • A greater creative capability and a higher frequency & intensity of innovation;
  • A higher commitment to business science requirements;
  • An optimum use of talent through improved business awareness;
  • A market leadership through strengthened competitiveness and competitive advantage.

Based on Reddin’s 3D Management method, organisations manage to assimilate and develop a new organisational system based on an effectiveness that ensures result achievement at every key managerial position.

An output oriented Organisational System that is driven by two principles:

  • Strategic Match
  • Operational Effectiveness

Strategic Match

A Strategic Match will enable top management to obtain:

  • Awareness and control over business science;
  • A clear understanding of and control over the strategically required need to shape the organisation's future;
  • In organisational structure that matches its strategy;
  • Clarity about every managerial position and its contribution to strategic outputs;
  • Management by Outputs criteria and skills;
  • Alternate ways to overcome the causes of low effectiveness.

Operational Effectiveness

Implementation of Reddin’s 3D Management method leads to the implementation of Effectiveness Processes for each position throughout the entire organisation. The processes ensure that outputs will meet expectation. It warrants every idea, initiative, decision or objective will be conducted successfully and with optimum effort. It ensures effectiveness with which people convert input into output; it ensures the transformation of ideas into action. By means of this process, each member of the organisation will develop a high level of commitment towards the position's outputs and toward organisation's strategic results. In most organisations people input what they think they are expected to do, regardless of whether output is produced or not. The Reddin Method develops a level of awareness for people to concentrate their skills on obtaining results instead of merely carrying out routines and to comply with routine duties. The Reddin Method offers guidance in order to ensure that effort and commitment will consistently improve Organisational Effectiveness.

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