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Great expectation for Africa

The global economy has great expectation for Africa. To what extent is Africa ready to effectively meet this expectation?

Countless are the papers published detailing diversity, cultural variety, gender imbalance, environments, linguistics, socioeconomic classes, historical, religious and political distinctions of the peoples of this continent with the most potential for prominence in the global marketplace and indeed, leadership. African Unity has benefitted from half a century of focused effort – the process is well begun....

A president was once heard to say that Africa needs strong institutions, not strong men.... Institutions, however, are made up of strong men and women!  Reddin Africa propose to contribute a resilient enabling technology, the “Reddin Method”, in response to a perceived need for a leadership model, based on managerial effectiveness, for the region. 



The classic WJ Reddin Three Dimensional Managerial Effectiveness Seminar has founded careers for over forty years in multiple disciplines and across geographies.

In Africa (especially southern...), the OD technology has supported a range of companies for over two decades. A recent project exposed Reddin content to client managers in Franco and Anglophone countries.

Our prospect is to make this seminar available to wider participation. A recent achievement has been the transfer of the classic 3-D MES into French. The seminar can be conducted in Portuguese as well.

Thus the three principal linguistic groups on the continent can be unified in a standard approach to effectiveness, which has proven consistent over time.

We firmly believe this instrument based technology progresses intra and inter-regional integration.

(Much need still to be done to accommodate North Africa and recommendations are most welcome!).

The WJ Reddin 3-D MES is offered, in English, in London and Amsterdam, by our associate chapter: Reddin International.

In an effort to extend inter-regional bridges of competence, we invite enquiries to mount the 3-D MES in Francophone Europe, or elsewhere as required!

Africa-focused organisations are encouraged to acquire or reinforce their access to the Reddin technology and further integrate subsidiaries and partners into corporate character.

 Reddin Africa acknowledges the continuing effort of the Zimbabwe chapter, who offer the 3-D MES five times per year.

We call on African organisations with an Africa-focus to integrate the tried and tested 3-D MES into their management development strategy, and the broader Reddin technology into their organisational development plan.


About us

Our mission is to accelerate Africa’s prominence in the global community by delivering effectiveness, one manager by one, until organisations become worthy institutions.

 Our vision is effective African unity.

We place ‘effectiveness’ at the centre of our values, and ensure systems and behaviours reflect a balance in task and relationship orientation in results based on a clear consciousness of situational demands.

Reddin Africa is based in Johannesburg, RSA. Our opportunity is to return the WJ Reddin & Associates technology consulting service to South Africa; and especially, it is our privilege to return  the classic WJ Reddin 3-D MES (three dimensional managerial effectiveness seminar),  to this community, following an administrative hiatus. We welcome enquiries from managers, leaders and organisations about ‘open’ (public) seminars planned or in-house consulting interventions, as may be preferred.

We invite public, private and civic organisations to consider the Reddin method as a standard for regional operations and ventures.

We invite organisations and consultancies in Southern, East, Central and West African communities to demonstrate an interest in hosting or supporting the introduction of the Reddin Method in their communities.

Our team is small and so highly experienced in delivering elements of the Reddin technology to clients across the continent.

We welcome conversations with past participants and current users of the Reddin Method to keep our institution dynamic and responsive.

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