Reddin training and consulting Services

Reddin training and consulting services span eight areas.
In reality most of Reddin’s assignments will combine two or more of them:

Our Beliefs

Consultants and certified trainers of W. J. Reddin and Associates share several beliefs that form the basis of their work:

Managerial Effectiveness is the central issue of management
It is more effective to offer people an opportunity to use what they already know than to attempt to teach them more
While organisational design is important, of far more importance is the commitment to such design
Participative methods are advisable if the quality of the decision or if commitment to implement the decision are being improved
An organised approach to change wins over an unorganised approach
Rather than outside consultants managers will know what direction is best for their organisation
Unambiguous indicators of effectiveness should be developed and be under constant assessment and development

Managerial Effectiveness Improvement

Managerial effectiveness is the extent to which a manager meets the output requirements of his position. For him to do this he needs three things. He must know what managerial effectiveness is and be committed to it, have his job described in output terms, and have access to the skills and resources required. One or more of these may be missing for different managers, or in different parts of the firm, or during different stages of a firm’s growth. Following a survey of conditions, Reddin Managerial Effectiveness improvement programme is designed to focus on what is most needed to achieve improvement in the specific situation.

Effective Company Reorganisation

Reddin has been involved in a large number of effective company reorganisations. The method is distinctive. Reddin belief that the resource for effective reorganisation is found within the company and that commitment to the new organisation is more important than the elegance of the design. For these reasons Reddin have designed methods that effectively involve all the levels of company management in creating and implementing a new organisation. Reddin do not draft the new organisation chart, management does. Reddin typically enters a situation that features a high resistance to change and Reddin methods turn this resistance to productive use. Reddin has used this approach with both non-profit and for-profit organisations ranging in size from fewer than 100 to over 10,000 staff.

Job Effectiveness Descriptions

Every necessary position has associated outputs. Outputs are the basis of Reddin Job Effectiveness Descriptions. Traditional job description is based on input and activity statements that do not necessarily make the manager focus on the important parts of his job. Reddin Job Effectiveness describes the position fully in output terms and indicates how each output may be measured. Normally such descriptions are kept to one page. Later on they may be used as a basis for e.g. job evaluation and compensation. Often Reddin consultants aid in drafting the Job Effectiveness Descriptions to the top three levels of management and in doing so train company employees to do the further.

Effective Organisation Development EOD

Reddin specialise in large scale programmes of change and development.
Most of Reddin programmes may involve up to 200-500 managers and supervisors over two to three year periods. EOD focuses on the more effective utilisation of the resource of the organisation from board room to shop floor. Reddin have conducted EOD programmes for firms as small as 80 employees and have also completed an EOD involving 450 managers and supervisors. These programmes involve a commitment from top management. Reddin would assist in obtaining this commitment. It is common for a Reddin senior consultant to be accepted on the Top Team as an Advisor on Organisational Behaviour. A selection of case studies of Reddin EOD is available.

Effective Teamwork and Participation

Teamwork and participation should be used when they lead to better decisions or when commitment to the decision increases. Such commitment is needed for implementation. With changing educational levels, values, mobility and expectations, teamwork and participation will be needed ever more. Reddin implements teamwork and participative methods, as deemed appropriate, as a way of work in an organisation. While the appropriate degree of participation varies with level, technology and expectations, Reddin usually find that most firms may be made more effective by adding in more participation. Many business firms have used Reddin Team Role Laboratory and Project Team designs extensively to solve such problems as enhanced acceptance of change, redesign of shop floor layout, improving relationships with unions and other stakeholders, these being done in four - day team sessions involving the manager and all of his team. They will result in greatly improved job clarity, participation, teamwork and objective setting.

Effective Management by Objectives MBO (Effective MBO)

A working MBO approach requires a clear organisational plan, an appropriate organisational structure and commitment of its managers to meet objectives. It also requires an understanding of the concepts of MBO and the skills to use these concepts. It is common knowledge that whilst MBO looks so simple to introduce, often its application falls short of original expectations. Reddin MBO programme is based on the concept of clearly written job effectiveness descriptions and the obtaining of commitment to them. The effective MBO approach is often used in 2nd generation MBO applications where the first attempt failed to obtain commitment.

Profit Improvement Programme

One management author has commented, “First your margin then your philosophy”. Reddin Profit Improvement Programme has been designed to deliver an instant increase in the number of ideas concerning profit enhancement from everywhere in the organisation. Ideas will arise from a range of meetings that shall involve all management levels. Such meetings may, for example, consist of the top one hundred personnel in an organisation, division, department or team; two teams embroiled with each other or, if deemed appropriate, shop floor working parties involving union reps and supervisors. Reddin research will design and deliver different sorts of meetings that will reduce resistance to change, identify current problems, propose alternative solutions and make decisions that will improve profits.

Managerial Effectiveness Survey

Prior to commencing large scale programmes it is often useful to make a survey of existing conditions through a Managerial Effectiveness Survey. This survey pinpoints current attitudes toward effectiveness and perceived levels of effectiveness. Such survey may include a survey of managerial effectiveness, management styles, morale, employee attitudes, communication, organisational health, attitudes toward management by objectives, training needs and time usage. Over many decades Reddin have conducted such surveys and have compiled extensive benchmarks on government departments, hospitals, airlines and many kinds of businesses. Reddin instruments have been used on over 100,000 managers. Reddin is often called upon to make surveys in highly confidential circumstance. As a condition of accepting survey assignments Reddin would expect that any data obtained will be available to Reddin for research purpose, on condition of anonymity that is. Documentation on each of Reddin Training Needs Survey, Management by Objectives Survey and Organisation Health Survey is available.


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