The ideal CEO would be a poet, historian and student of weather maps. 

Writing poetry gives precision in thought and language, history teaches strategy,

while studying weather maps teaches decision-making under uncertainty.

Bill Reddin

Talent Management Diagnostics


Talent Management System or TMS (.pdf) offers unique diagnostics to provide a systematic approach to assessing managers. It allows HR to have analytical instruments at their fingertips to give their business partners people information around hiring decisions, promotions, improving performance, and development opportunities.

The results of the instruments provide decisions makers with new insights to getting the highest value in improving talent management.

Managerial Effectiveness Diagnosis (MED) (.pdf)

In our research we have found that good managers matter. There are positive correlations between good managers and employee retention, productivity, and performance of teams. The MED measures the impact of a manager’s behavior given the type of team or organization they are responsible for managing. We have determined 8 managerial behavioral styles that are more effective and less effective.

The results of the MED evaluate to what extent the manager is effective, evaluating 20 managerial skills. The analysis given is to what extent the manager has mastered those skills and the impact of how effectively the manager uses them to have the right impact on the team or organization.

We work with clients to incorporate these results into their manager skills development programs, and in their coaching sessions. We support managers in understanding where they are doing well and where they can get better. We have observed that the vast majority of managers who work through these issues have improved as a result.

No other manager diagnostic offers this level of accuracy. Most manager diagnostics are assessment and rely on the consultant’s perception.

We have also tailored this diagnostic tool to apply to Sales Mangers in the Sales Effectiveness Diagnosis (SED) (.pdf).


Managerial Requirement Profile (MRP) (.pdf)

People diagnostic tools succeed when HR and hiring managers work together to get the best results.

  • The instrument is designed to evaluate the demands of the role and the organization.
  • Working on the basis of more and less effective management styles, the MRP evaluates to what extent the candidate has the capacity to navigate the requirements and demands of the job.
  • It provides the hiring manager with an analysis of a potential candidate to identify the best hire.

The MRP is designed for broad management roles. Talent Management System (.pdf) offers a tailored MRP for sales managers in the Sales Requirement Profile (SRP) (.pdf)

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