3-D Managerial Effectiveness Seminar (3-D MES) – Benefits

Benefits to organisations

3-D MES will help the development of individual directors and managers, departmental or project teams and the organisation as a whole.
3-D MES offers access to a wide range of skills and awareness-related benefits, for example:

  • Individual and departmental roles are clarified in terms of results and outputs
  • Leadership, delegation, planning and commitment to objectives are reinforced
  • Co operation and teamwork between managers and units are dramatically increased
  • Vested interests, inward looking attitudes and disruptive politics are minimised
  • The organisation becomes more flexible and committed to change
  • Enhanced creativity and innovation
  • Greater openness and candour derived from improved communication skills lead to higher levels of trust within the organisation
  • Human resources are better utilised as a result of increased managerial skills, commitment and motivation
  • Managers change the way they work because they transfer and apply the knowledge and skills taught at the seminar to the workplace

3-D MES provides a vehicle for change throughout the organisation as it is based on effectiveness, on common managerial language and on role clarity.
It is particularly suitable to improve teamwork, flexibility and to open up communications to achieve corporate objectives.

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