3-D Managerial Effectiveness Seminar (3-D MES) - Feedback

Feedback on 3-D MES

Some reactions and comments from managers of different organisations that have participated in 3- MES :

  • Now I know what effective management is and how to apply it.
  • This is practised ‘common sense’.
  • It is learning to work clever.
  • It challenges me to solve the problems that I have been avoiding for years.
  • I leave here with a clear management approach in my head.
  • I will practise these ideas immediately.
  • I must and will change my own management style.
  • An important part of the training, I found, was the experience of the ‘team’ happening.
  • I came here with a chip on my shoulder and leave full of self-confidence and new ideas for the future.
  • I have enjoyed it to learn so much about myself.
  • I absolutely want to go and apply the knowledge of the training in my own life.
  • The educational value was extremely high, the rest we managers must do ourselves, by applying the acquired knowledge in our own practical situation.
  • My management style has come clear, now I can concentrate its effectiveness.
  • The evaluation process is the final conclusion of the course and gives one a clear picture of what effectiveness can bring.
  • The course has taught me how to successfully use the means to approach my team.
  • I value the systematically independent approach of the planned change in the attitude and behaviour of management.
  • An important part of the training was the appreciation of your own style by the team.
  • One could recognize how the program steered participants towards the goal - this was first class.


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