3-D Managerial Effectiveness Seminar (3-D MES) - Characteristics

Characteristics of 3-D MES

Key features of the management training ‘3-D Managerial Effectiveness Seminar (3-D MES)' as these are generally perceived:

  • The responsibility for one’s own development is left to individual participants self. They are the "case manager" of their own development.
  • Much attention is being paid to 'self-learning' as a critical success factor.
  • ‘Action learning’ as a work model is deployed where learning occurs in teams instead of individually developing managers. Read more about action learning
  • The training focuses on results at behavioural and organisational levels, in addition to achieving specific results and goals.
  • The training is an important step in terms of organisational development
  • The training triggers competency based MD development.
  • 3D ME focuses on situational leadership and coaching (developing the skills of employees).
  • The training contributes significantly to the development of a results orientated culture, results-orientated managers and result orientated teams.
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