3-D Managerial Effectiveness Seminar (3-D MES) - Learning Phases

The seminar can be subdivided in five different learning phases:

  • Preparatory work:
    Some six weeks ahead of course begin participants will receive two binders with preparatory work. The contents of the Theory binder will explain the 3D Theory and demonstrate the link with effectiveness improvement. The Workbook binder holds questionnaires, style tests, effectiveness inventories, seminar tasks, case studies, team diagnostic instruments and other learning means. Subject to individual foreknowledge, skill and involvement the pre-course work in general may demand some 20 hours.
  • Course days one and two:
    The phase of gaining control of the Reddin concept. Participants will work in teams to grasp an understanding in the base concepts of effectiveness, styles, situations and manager behaviour and enhance these by means of bringing in their work experiences. Meanwhile team skills are enhanced too. Typically individual and team effectiveness will become a topic of discussion.


  • Day three:
    The application phase by means of case studies. Concepts of effectiveness are being applied in case studies, thus demonstrating practical applications and their learning. The day bridges theoretical knowledge to practical deployment. Still team skills are being developed and discussed.


  • Days four, five and six:
    The implementation phase by participants themselves. The second course half is wholly devoted to effectiveness concepts for the benefit of the own work situation of participants. Day four is about output, day five about management behaviour and day six about situational management. Towards the end of these last three days each participant will develop an action plan for his or her individual work situation.


  • Practice phase and follow-up day:
    The implementation phase. Following 3D ME managers will start using the concepts, instruments and tools that have been passed on to them. They can use these:
    - To redefine their position or role in terms of output,
    - To work out new goals with staff, colleagues and managers,
    - To adjust their own lesser effective behaviour in terms of output,
    - If deemed necessary to change the work situation.

    Half a year following the seminar participants can measure their implementation and user value of the 3D management concept with the help of an extensive test. The outcome of this test, concept practices and problems with the implementation are being dealt with during a follow-up day. This “follow-up” comes by invitation and participation is optional.


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