3-D Managerial Effectiveness Seminar (3-D MES) - Central Theme

In this training ‘Effectiveness’ is the central theme.
The program has been built on three important pillars:

  • Situational management (Reddin’s 3D Leadership Model):
    The ability to apply the most effective manager style in any situation and to influence situations such that effectiveness arises.
    People differ and situations may change fast.
    How does a manager act in any given situation the mostly effectively? 3D management concept offers the chance to change one’s own behaviour and influence that of others positively.
    Once a manager knows this concept, then no longer does change control him or her, instead he or she controls change.


  • Team management:
    The capacity to bring about synergy, to bring a team to function optimally and to lead them to maximum result.
    Everyone wants to be successful; for that cooperation is a must and teams must react effectively on their surroundings. How many teams can really do that? The 3-D management concept develops a unique form of cooperation, so that all the qualities present in the team come to bloom best.


  • Output management (Reddin’s 3D Management Concept):
    Ability to lead these processes:
    - The definition of responsibilities and competences,
    - The creation of interdependencies,
    - The setting of goals and realise them.
    All carry responsibilities.
    Do we really know what to achieve and do we get the authority and the means for it?
    How far down to delegate, what can people cope with?
    Output-orientated management offers the manager a route plan to focus everyone’s time and energy by the main.


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