More about Management Accounting for the Nonfinancial Manager

(Financial Awareness, a Core Competency)

"Probably the most powerful and effective business skills development process ever devised."

What 'Bergame' is

BERGAME™ was invented by Mr. HEIN HENDRIKSEN who, from 1979 to 1990 was Manager Human Resources Development and Training for the AMRO Bank. In 1990, Hein founded Bergheem Training and Development and in 1993 he took control of W.J. Reddin & Associates, focusing on the 3-D Method. In 1995 he became the first international franchisee for John Fenton Stratagems plc.

Hein is the senior facilitator and banker for most UK played Bergame Challenges. He has played the Bergame Challenge and conducted management seminars for many multinational organisations including ABN AMRO Bank, Alcoa, Asea Brown Boveri, Ballast Plc, Ballast Nedam, City Bank, Compaq, DSM, Ericsson, Getronics, ING Bank, KLM, Philips, Rockwool, Sappi and Siemens.

The Bergame Challenge is a 2 full days plus one introductory evening (nobody DARES be late!) business game which teaches managers how to become ENTREPRENEURS - so that they can identify opportunities to create wealth for their business - and MAKE IT HAPPEN.


"A highly effective way to learn about entrepreneurship. Best of all, we enjoyed every minute of it."


13 Objectives for the H.R. Manager

Bergame Challenge is a business game that:

  • Enhances team building.
  • Enhances interpersonal skills.
  • Increases understanding of how businesses operate.
  • Enhances understanding of how business is financed.
  • Enhances understanding of P& L accounts and balance sheets.
  • Shows how P&L accounts and balance sheets are being made.
  • Improves entrepreneurial skills.
  • Shows how to fine-tune the balances between risk and gain.
  • Improves negotiating skills.
  • Improves organisational abilities.
  • Improves strategic planning and goal setting skills.
  • Improves the overall capabilities of the business manager.
  • Teaches managers how to become WINNERS.

"Nothing else has ever produced such rapid gains in just 3 days."



The mechanics of the bergame challenge


Bergame Challenge begins at 7 pm. on Day 1 with a briefing on what is in store for the teams. During the ensuing three days your team will be running a business over a ten year period, divided into 4 quarter rounds.

This will involve making decisions which will affect a lot of activities plus the overall competitiveness and profitability of the business.

Also your team will engage in creating, understanding and using profit and loss accounts and balance sheets for each of their up to ten years of trading.

Though the Bergame Challenge includes the manufacturing processes, this does not preclude teams from service environments to enter. No pre-knowledge of manufacturing or finance is necessary. Bergame Challenge focuses on the implications of the financial decisions that are being taught and tested throughout.


"The most effective 'Finance for nonfinancial managers' hands-on training I have ever experienced."

The Bergame Challenge is the only business game where the various teams directly interact with each other - as competitors or partners. Businesses can be bought and sold, as in real life.

Every business is physically laid out on a table sized game board. Each team is allowed up to three factories and a choice of automatic, semi-automatic or manual production. Warehousing covers stocks of raw materials and finished goods. The game board also shows clearly debtors, creditors, loans, costs, cash and investments positions made by the team. All of the business process and financial position is visible at all times. The P&L and balance sheet can be read from the game board at any time.

During the first full day, teams will learn how to play and become familiar with the necessary financial concepts. Then pace quickens as competition between the various businesses comes into play and the teams learn how to properly manage the development and success of their businesses.

Bergame Challenge comes supervised by two facilitators, the senior of whom also represents "The Banker". Like banks do, Bergame Bank is tough. Three course days plus one evening are spent away from the daily work in seclusion in a hotel or conference centre. Total concentration is required to win the Bergame Challenge.

All these crucial competitive skills will be addressed during the 2-day Bergame Challenge:

Negotiating Staffing
Bidding / tendering Interests, the costs of money
Manufacturing Leasing and Renting
Warehousing Depreciation
Marketing Asset Management
Selling Product Development

"Great Fun. Gets the message across very well. Teaches discipline, planning, as well as financial understanding and how to WIN."


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